Elizabeth Downey


Elizabeth's love for training dogs began when she was a teenager with her first Golden Retriever. The love of playing a game built an undeniable bond which created a passion for training dogs. Her first competitive dog Murphy came along in 1998. The plan was to compete in obedience but together they discovered agility and opened to the world of dog sports. Elizabeth continues to play multiple sports with her dogs and has competed in agility, obedience, rally, tracking, dock diving and field. She has learned through her dogs that each is an individual and their relationship is key to success.

She has taken over the helm of The Canine Ranch and will continue to instill the training philosophy which emphasizes that every dog deserves the opportunity to become their best by combining behavioral knowledge with obedience and manners training. This philosophy is carried throughout all of the training that occurs at the Ranch – whether in a group class on the dock or a private in-home lesson – we help your dog “be all that they can be”.