Gabby Gammans

Nose Work / Tracking / Rally Instructor

Gabby GammansGabby has been volunteering since age 15 with organizations such as Zoo Atlanta, the Carroll County Humane Society, and various accredited canine search and recovery (SAR) teams. Gabby travels around the Southeast training and attending seminars for SAR with her Border Collie, Rook.  As a former member of both the German Shepherd Dog Club of Atlanta and the WDA (Working Dog Association), she gained a foundation in German-style obedience, temperament testing, competition tracking, drive building, and conformation showing. Though she teaches Rally and Nose Work classes, Gabby and her dogs also compete in Agility, Frisbee, Lure Coursing and Dock Diving.  Gabby and K-9 Rook hope to achieve SARTEC II certifications and become mission ready for air scent during the next year.