Holly Haynes

Agility Trainer

While attending Western Carolina University in 1994 Holly got her first dog, Dillon the Doberman. Dillon became a therapy dog for a group home for Mentally Handicapped Children. After moving to Atlanta as an Art Director in 1996, Holly decided to get another Doberman, Lucas. Lucas lacked confidence and he needed a job so she started Lucas in dog agility training in 2006. The transformation in Lucas was night and day and Holly caught the agility bug.

Currently Holly runs Kayla, an Australian Kelpie in agility. In December 2016, they were invited to AKC Invitationals in Orlando, Florida to compete against the top five dogs of each breed in AKC. Holly and Kayla have consistently been ranked each quarter as the fastest Kelpie competing in AKC agility by Breed Power 10.
As an instructor, Holly is a firm believer in training a dog and handler team to have strong foundation skills. These are the building blocks for successful agility teams.