Jeanne Kemper

Service Dog / Emotional Support Dog Trainer

Jeanne was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes in 1976.  The best change she's seen in medicine has been her Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD), Abie and her meter.  She currently trains Diabetic Alert Dogs in the scent detection of Low Blood Sugars, and Public Access.  It is a long process but the final outcome is a great reward.

She has had Labrador Retrievers for 35 years, and competed in Obedience training, Rally, and Agility.   Since training Abie, she has trained multiple working Diabetic Alert Dogs, and currently has two in competition.

She also makes sure that DAD’s that she trains get their CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and CD (Companion Dog) titles prior to them being placed.  She likes to help the new “handler” of these DAD’s  find alternate jobs for them so they continue to have a “fun” job too, as well as a balanced family life.