Noelle Johnson

Obedience / Behavioral Instructor

Noelle was born into a family of animal lovers.   Growing up, her family were active members in the Paulding County Humane Society.  They fostered animals, volunteered at events, and worked on neglect cases.   Noelle's first training experience came from a Golden Retriever named Travis.  At 8 years old, she spent her time teaching him tricks and obedience and complete off-leash control.   Noelle started volunteering at the Cobb County Animal Control many years ago, which led to her foster involvement, which continues to this day.   Noelle is an advocate and an activist for Rottweilers, having two herself...   She is often called upon to help rehabilitate the more difficult dogs in rescue organizations, and is proud of the work that she does to help this breed.   Noelle has been a full time dog Trainer since 2011, and although she is new to dog sports, you might see her at Agility, Frisbee and Dock Diving competitions this year!