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Facility Tour

We love to show off The Canine Ranch to visitors, however because we are a small business, we do request that you call to schedule a time for your tour.  This allows us to ensure that a staff member is available when you arrive because there are times where we’ll be in a lesson, in the pool, or even out walking on our 12 acres, and we’d hate to miss your visit (or have to run across the pasture to catch up to you!).    Please contact us at 678-493-8040 and we'll be happy to schedule a tour for you.


Please note that during holidays, school breaks or other sold out periods, we are generally unable to accommodate tours.

Also, due to the new strain of H3N2 flu in Atlanta, we are no longer offering tours of our boarding area. We feel this is the more appropriate step to take to ensure all of our boarding clients remain happy and healthy (since this germ can live on your clothing for up to 24 hours).    We are one of the few facilities that has not had to close down (for several weeks) to irradicate this strain, and we aim to keep it that way!).  We also take great pride in how clean our facility is (since our Owner is allergic to dogs, and has asthma!) and we wish we could continue to bring our guests in to see how squeaky clean we keep it...but for now, please enjoy our videos (and we still offer tours of the training area of our business...).

Panoramic Tour

This video shows the splendor of the Ranch through a bird's eye view - so you can see how much property we have for Event Rentals.   Each venue at The Ranch has a special video specific to the service you are interested in, as well as Virtual Facility Tours - please see each appropriate page.


This map shows the different features of our facility, and how they're laid out on the property...

Please keep in mind that all services at the Ranch are by appointment only, so please call 678-493-8040 or email to book your appointment.