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Board n Train

Board N Train 


Would your dog’s behavior win them a Canine Ms. or Mr. United States competition? Do they have style and grace?  Are they charming and stay in place?   Or do they river dance in mud holes when you least expect it?  

The Canine Ranch is a training ground for Champions of Manners, offering the most excellent Doggy Cotillions in the South.  It just makes sense to polish their behavior while they’re in front of us (like the good silver).

Our trainers thrive on four-legged etiquette challenges (and the occasional three-legged ones). Send us your door jumpers, food thieves, couch chewers and hole diggers.  Send us your whiners, nippers and antsy pants.  We will send back a polite dog ready to impress your houseguests.

Consider one of our Board N Train packages the next time you go out of town, or schedule a Canine Cotillion for a 14 or 21 day stay even if you’re not going anywhere.  All we need is your timeline, goals and wishes, and we can use one of our preset packages below, or customize one for any unique situation.  With the right amount of time, anything is possible.  We’ve had dogs stay a month with us and leave as Winners, with talents that could even challenge Teddy Roosevelt’s dog that stood every time it heard the National Anthem. 

Lite Board N Train 

(One 20 minute sessions daily, to brush up and dust off those already reformed Manner Champs)

Leash Walking – Down – Sit – Sit-Stay – Down-Stay – Place – Jumping – Leave It – Drop It  – Wait (Door Manners) 

14 or 21 day Board N Train

Up to 75 minutes a day of training broken into sessions that work with your dogs’ attention span to turn them into Ms. or Mr. Canine America.  Your reformed pooch may see a mud hole and wait for you to give them permission to politely splash about it, or wallow if you say so.

This package is the finest in the South; so fine the Country Club may place a chair at the table for your perfectly trained pet!  You’ll receive a YouTube Video Training Journal (with subtitles) at checkout to watch for future reference, or to amaze the Jones’ in your life.  And that's just a few of the benefits and advantages to training at The Canine Ranch - here are a few others:  multiple trainers have homes on the campus; our staff are trained in Pet CPR & Safety; and our Owner is one of the most elite Trainers in the country (and a member of the Purina Incredible Dog Team since 2005).

The Canine Ranch also offers a checkout lesson with home delivery of your canine at the end of their training for an additional fee.    

Pick up service for Board n Trains - as low as $75 per trip

Call 678-493-8040 or email to discuss your plan and budget options, and to schedule your next visit.