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Drop Off Times

Drop off Times

Boarding hours are:

8am-6:30pm, Monday through Friday

8am-5:30pm, Saturday and Sunday

Let us know when you’ll be dropping off, or picking up your canine, and we will make sure the Canine Concierge is open.  We work with any situation, emergency, day or night as long as you give us a little bit of advance notice - even after our regular hours (ask about after hours or early morning options). 

Pick up and Drop off service - as low as $75 per trip

Because we are a small business there may be times when our staff are teaching a class, or out walking a dog, so we may need to lock the facility during our posted business hours.  If you’ve ever packed your lunch to go to the mailbox, then you’ll understand it takes a while to cross our property. If you don’t call us first, you might be waiting for us to get back over the hills and through the woods before you can pick up your dog!

Call 678-493-8040 or email to schedule your drop off or pick up times, or to discuss an emergency situation.