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Exercise Plans

Exercise Plans

The Canine Ranch has more than 11 acres of fully fenced pasture, woods and streams for your dog to explore.  Hidden from the nearest road, The Ranch is a private plantation for your dog to enjoy. Because there are so many options for exercise at The Canine Ranch, you can choose from the list below, or call your Canine Concierge to build a custom plan just for your canine’s needs.  Fifteen minute sessions for all Activities. 

WALKING – On a leash around The Ranch, depending on the interests of the dog.  Some like the pasture, some like the woods and stream.  Our staff will tailor the walks to your dog's preferences.  Dogs must be on flea treatment for walking activities.

SWIMMING – It’s hot in the south in the summer!  Consider letting your canine swim in our 26,000 gallon saline pool just for dogs.  If they’ve never swum before, let us teach them how! Life vests are available, toys to swim after, and a Trainer to splash with.  Go Pro video is available for a small fee. 

GROUP PLAY- It isn’t the south if it doesn’t have sweet tea and socializing.  If we didn’t offer group play, we would be downright rude!  If your dog is social and plays well with others, consider letting them join the daily fun around the fire hydrant.

Additional Exercise Options

Dog Sports- Dock Diving, Frisbee, Agility, or Nose Work... Check out the Dog Sports section of our site for more information.  Typical private lesson rates apply, and Go Pro video is available for a small fee. 

Call 678-493-8040 or email to customize your canine's exercise plan during their stay.