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If your canine boards with us, we offer excellent grooming services and products to keep them shined and gorgeous. 


    Your canine gets a thorough scrub in a special doggy tub

    They’ll also receive a free pedicure (aka “nail trim”) 


    They’ll receive the same thorough scrubbing 

    Add a Blueberry Facial to improve their slobbery southern kisses

    Add an extreme pedicure (aka “nail grinding”) to professionally polish those nails and enhance the beauty of those paws


    For the heavy shedders and dogs stuck in the 80’s with excessively big hair.   Using a De-Shed Comb and high velocity dryer, it takes approximately 2 hours to work through the fur and trim off up to a pound of excess hair (we have the pictures to prove it!).   Excess hair in your house will decline for four to six weeks and your canine will go from trashy to classy (although you may notice a tiny bit of residual shed during the first 24 hours). 

Drop Off Grooming

We offer a drop in Bathing Service every Friday to help your pet sparkle for weekend company and special parties!    We know they have a busy social life, just like you, and so we offer a drop in, while you wait service, offering the same Exit Baths as above to get you in and out and squeaky clean in no time.    

Call 678-493-8040 or email to customize your canines’ grooming needs.   All grooming is by appointment only.