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Dog Boarding Vaccinations


The following vaccinations are required on a YEARLY basis to board:


DHPP (Distemper, Parvo and Parainfluenza)


Dogs should receive all vaccinations NO LATER than 72 hours BEFORE your arrival to ensure proper protection against infection.     

Vaccinations MUST be faxed in at least 72 hours PRIOR to arrival so that we may verify all of your vaccinations are current (Fax 678-840-7666) or EMAIL a PIC to

While vaccinations are very helpful in preventing the spread of infectious disease, they do not provide 100 percent protection.     Therefore, at The Canine Ranch, we do our best to ensure that our facility is clean and sanitary (it helps that our Owner is allergic to dogs, so her standards of clean are high!).


Bordetella is similar in nature to the human flu – The vaccine does not cover all strains of Bordetella. A dog may still acquire some strain of this “flu.” We take every measure possible to ensure protection, but should your dog come home with this “flu” we recommend veterinary care.

DHPP vs DHLPP Some vets recommend the DHLPP combo vaccination instead of DHPP – the difference between these two vaccinations is “Leptospirosis.” Your vet will guide you in choosing the appropriate vaccinations for your dog’s age and lifestyle.

Rabies is given in either a 1 year dose, or a 3 year dose, and must be current within one year.

Please upload your Vaccinations directly to our new Client Portal via .jpg or .pdf by clicking on the Vaccinations Tab after logging in, then choosing Upload Proof of Vaccination.  You may also Fax your vaccinations to 678-840-7666 or EMAIL a PIC to

Info Sheet for Boarding on Canine H3N2 Flu