Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt

If you've ever wanted to try the latest dog sport to sweep the nation - this is your opportunity!     Barn Hunt is a popular new sport that challenges a dog's vermin hunting abilities in a natural environment using bales of straw or hay to introduce climbing and tunneling, and of course - the most important thing: finding the critter!!    

Group Classes:

TCR is pleased to announce our Barn Hunt weekly Group Classes (see Calendar for more details).  Each class will have plenty of hands on time to help your dog learn it's new job (vermin hunting!), as well as teach you to recognize the cues your dog is altering you to, and in addition, to educate on the rules and processes needed to navigate your way to plenty of Barn Hunt Titles and Awards!!!  Pre-registration is required, and class size is kept low so there are plenty of hands-on opportunities. 


Our Clinics typically host two different working rings.  These rings are outdoor (under cover) at our BARN!     Our barn is a historical building, and will provide for great photo opportunities as well!

Each side of our barn will have a 400 square foot ring under an overhang, and we'll typically have both sides set up with dog/handler teams so everyone gets lots of hands on experience.    We will be offering two levels of skills:   Rat Instinct on one side and Novice on the other side.   

Clinics are taught by Janie Smith and Darla Lacey, both active competitors and Barn Hunt Association Judges.   

Run Throughs:

Run throughs allow your dog the opportunity to try out their Rat finding skills in a practice environment.  Three tubes will be set out (one with nothing in it, one with used bedding, and one with the rat).   Your dog's job is to find the correct tube with the rat, and your job is to announce when your dog did it's job!! 

Private or Semi-Private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons can be scheduled during weekends and certain evenings.

Barn Hunt Trial

The Canine Ranch is hosting it's second trial on October 11th and 12th.   Please click on the link below for more information and the premium.    Dry RV parking is available on-site - call 678-493-8040 to reserve camping spots.

Barn Hunt Entry Form / Premium

Barn Hunt Pricing

Group Class - starting as low as $100 per session (6 weeks).

Private Lessons - starting as low as $25 per lesson

Clinics - starting at $50 for auditing; $75 per working (1 dog)

Please keep in mind that all services at the Ranch are by appointment only, so please call 678-493-8040 or email to book your appointment.