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Event Rentals

Event Rentals

We have flexible rental options for all your dog-related events!

Not many facilities are as dog-friendly as The Canine Ranch. We offer flexible pricing to fit the needs of all size groups.  If you don't see an option here that fits your needs, please call to see if we can find a solution for you.

Sports Rentals - Agility, Swimming, Dock Diving, Obedience

If you're looking for a practice site for you and a friend for agility, dock diving or obedience, we offer the ability to rent our facility without instruction.  Please note that pricing is similar so that you can split an hour between two sports.  To split a rental, when making your reservation, you must specify times for each sport so that no other appointments are booked during that time.

Group Options - Partial Rentals

If you only want one part of the Ranch, we can break the pricing down for that particular section.  This allows us to continue to use the other parts of the Ranch to offer training or rentals.  You can choose the building by itself (with or without equipment), one of the open pastures, the pool and pavilion area (including grill), or the outdoor agility field.  

Rental prices for the building include heat or a/c.  A deposit of 25% is required for all group rentals (refundable if cancelled prior to 48 hours of event).  Pool pricing includes one staff member’s assistance during rental time.

or The Whole Shebang!

You can also choose to rent the entire Ranch…no other lessons, groups, or rentals will occur on the property during your rental times.    We have hosted breed club summer picnics, all sorts of seminars, Earthdog Trials, Frisbee events, and Agility events at the Ranch.  Rentals are available for partial or full day rentals.   A deposit of 25% is required for all full day group rentals (refundable if cancelled prior to 48 hours of event).


Please call for pricing.