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Play Pass

Play Pass

Once a month (currently in the summer), we offer a feature unlike any other Training Center in the Southeast - and by that we mean that we have a southern style get-together that puts others to shame!

For three hours you can wander the property like a Doggie Disneyland, and go from sport to sport letting your dog "taste" all of the wonders that are The Canine Ranch!    Services that we offer may vary each Play Pass based on staff availability, but we try to offer the following sports whenever possible:

Dock Diving / Swimming
Lure Coursing
Nose Work 

Please refer to our Event Calendar each month for dates and times.   As always, weather cancelations will be posted on our Facebook page at  

If you prefer to know the sports each month, feel free to call 678-493-8040 or email for more information.


$25 per dog...payable at the gate via cash or check only - no credit cards please