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Service Dog Training 

Service Dogs can perform a number of duties for their handlers:  they can navigate for hearing or visually impaired people, assist an individual who is having a seizure, alert someone to a problem with their body (like low blood sugar or seizures or heart problems), perform duties such as opening doors, lifting objects, and more.    

A well trained Service Dog requires an investment in training, and commitment, so consider carefully the time it takes to train your dog.   Most programs requires a commitment of 1 to 2 hours per day over 6 or more months in order to create a fully dependable Service Dog.

*All Service Dogs MUST pass their CGC tests before off-site training will be started.

Below is a list of some of the training that may be done for Service Dogs, and each program will be specific to the owner and their canine, so therefore we only offer private lessons to ensure each training program is maximized:

1) Dog will be trained to be calm and orderly in public places.
2) All of the behaviors learned while taking the CGC and obedience classes, will be tweaked and enforced during public access training.
3) Public Access training may include: Training in shopping malls, shopping centers, restaurants, cabs, trains, buses, doctors offices, business offices, outdoor markets, festivals, movie theaters, Airports, grocery stores, etc.  This will be modified based on each owners' individual needs.
4) Dog will be trained to “place” on command and a hold “place” for unlimited time periods.  
5) Dog will be trained to leave it and drop it. This teaches the dog that it cannot pick up anything off of the ground or floor in any area.

SD Pricing

Private Lessons - 1 hour for $85 for on-site training

Off-site Lessons TBD based on distance Trainer travels.

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