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Dog Behavioral Training


Some of the Behavioral Training we can help with

If your dog suffers from any of the following conditions, please contact us immediately. All of these conditions can be changed through training, and most owner's see results immediately.     

  • manners such as door bolting, jumping, nipping, play biting, or counter surfing of food items
  • uncontrolled walking habits, pulling and lunging
  • crate anxiety
  • separation anxiety

In-home Training

Most of the items listed above require an in-home private lesson with one of our instructors.   In-home lessons are priced per visit for up to 90 minutes training time.    Typically one to two lessons are sufficient to set you on the path to changing the problem.    Lessons can be scheduled week day, week night and weekend hours.   Referrals are available upon request.   In-home lessons require pre-payment via credit card. 

Board n Train

We now offer multiple options for Board n Train so that you can pick your desired results and budget! After establishing your goals, we then incorporate these lessons into training sessions with your dog. Training goals should be specific and achievable (unfortunately potty training is not achievable in a boarding situation).

Our Standard Board n Train is for those wanting a brush up of current skills, or to teach one or two basic skills. Each day one of our trainers will work on basic skills such as sit-stay, down-stay, walk without pulling, counter surfing, jumping, or other basic obedience type commands.  This 7 day package has many built-in discounts and benefits, but is really good for dogs that need just a few skills touched on...

Our Premium Board n Train package is like none other in Atlanta! Not only do we provide superior training and results, but we document our results in a YouTube video! With our premium package, a video journal is uploaded to a private YouTube channel that is available to our clients for future reference. The video provides future feedback that owners can reference as a reminder. Each video shows examples of our trainers achieving your objectives, as well as a "sub-title" that points out tips to remember when working on your own.

Training times may vary based on your dog’s ability to stay focused, so your dog may receive 5, 10, 20 or 30-minute sessions multiple times throughout the day in order to reinforce the training, for a total of up to 75 minutes per day. We often find that smaller sessions repeated more frequently throughout the day provide superior results. 

In conjunction with our Premium Board n Train, we also offer a drop-off In-Home private lesson at the end of your stay where we deliver the dog to you. This lesson typically lasts one hour and varies in price based on the distance we travel from The Ranch. Together with the training journal, this time spent with your family reinforces the methods we use to teach each skill, and provides hands-on demonstrations of real scenarios in your home environment.

Some of the training we can help with:

  • door manners such as bolting or continuous scratching
  • jumping, nipping, play biting, mouthing
  • counter surfing of food or non-food items
  • uncontrolled walking habits, pulling and lunging
  • separation anxiety
  • come when called
  • sit-stay, down-stay, and other obedience commands
  • and don’t forget our dog sports such as Agility, Dock Diving, Nose Work or Rally Obedience

Please keep in mind that all services at the Ranch are by appointment only, so please call 678-493-8040 or email to book your appointment.


Behavioral Training Pricing

In-home lessons (we travel throughout the metro Atlanta area & surrounding areas)

$175 pricing starts at $175 (for up to 90 minutes) and is based on distance from the for a quote today!

Board n Train Pricing

Please call to allow us to quote a price for your personalized board n train package...