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These are overviews of the Clinics that we host at The Canine Ranch.    Clinics are a great way to brush up on a specific set of skills without committing to a weekly class.   Please refer to the Calendar for specific dates on the clinics.    

Most clinics require a minimum of four students – if you have a group that is interested in creating a private clinic, please let us know – we’d be happy to accommodate you.    Clinics lasts between 2 and 3 hours dependent on number of students and student participation.

Search our Calendar to find out the next date for each of these clinics.

Leash Monster

Do you have a Leash Monster?   You know what that means, don't you!?   A dog that pulls without regard to your safety, comfort, or that of anyone else in the vicinity!     Many of our clients are looking for a dedicated lesson on the art of leash walking and nothing else - this is why we think you'll love our Leash Monster clinic!    Rather than focusing on an 8 week Obedience class that covers more topics than you need - why not tackle just that one issue and see instant improvements?    

Come (the first time you say it)

Does your dog enthusiastically respond when you call their name followed by a "Come" command.  Do they sometimes wander off and pretend to not hear you?    How about the avoidance routine - "Hey, there's a person over here I have to say hi to!"....    If this is your dog, then come on out to this one-time clinic that focuses ONLY on recall commands.    This clinic is not necessarily for puppies to LEARN the command, but rather is a polish tool to help any dog who is NOT 95% reliable in coming each and every time you say it.    If you find your self repeating your Come command - change it today with this easy and informative 2 hour clinic... 

No Stay / No Play (for sports students only)

This 2 hour clinic is geared towards Agility enthusiasts who are already in training and possibly competing.    This two hour clinic will teach you and your dog to improve your dog's impulse control at several key areas:  the start line, the contacts, and ultimately, even the weave poles.    By teaching appropriate release measures and distraction proofing, your dog will improve these skills by understanding the exact criteria we're asking of them to be successful.   This clinic does NOT teach contacts or start lines - rather, we work on proofing whatever your current requirements are...some prerequisites may apply....

Stay / Place (general public)

This 2 hour clinic is geared towards teaching your dog to reliably stay in a Down-Stay or Place command during distractive times.    Our Trainer's dogs all learn to lie quietly on beds while exciting things happen - whether that means guests, dinner, doorbells ringing, children running through the house, etc.     Proof your dog in a positive manner, and ensure that they know how to hold their impulse control no matter what distraction comes thier way. 

Potty Training Clinic

This clinic expands your knowledge on potty training past what you thought was possible.   You'll learn specific body cues that your dog will display when they need to go potty; ways that you can encourage them to communicate their desire to go outside; definitions of how to reward (and mistakes most commonly made in rewarding) for potties, as well as useful commands to teach your dog to go potty faster  (on command).    The goal in potty training is to be successful, and we have put all of these tips and tricks into an informative one hour clinic that is filled to the brim with useful information, and then added a 30 minute Q&A section so everyone has time to have all of their specific questions answered.    

This Clinic is hosted the FIRST Saturday of each month at 9:00am (followed immediately by our fabulous Puppy Social most weekends, check the calendar for availability).    Special clinics will also be hosted throughout the year (see calendar).

Don't Chase That!

Does your dog have a fun time chasing things that move?    Would you prefer to have a dog that knows NOT to chase the following (just as examples)?     Other dogs,  joggers, vehicles, ATV's, horses, cats, skateboards, roller blades, and CARS!     Come to this informative clinic that offers plenty of hands on distraction times to teach your dog that just because something exciting is going on doesn't mean that they get to run off and CHASE THAT!

Beginner Off Leash

Our instructors with each of the students while walking in the open pastures at the Ranch (we are fully fenced on 11 acres).   We’ll show you exactly how to gain your dog basic Off Leash skill sets.   This clinic focuses on teaching your dog to focus on where YOU go, rather than accidentally teaching your dog that you will chase after THEM.    This is one of our most popular clinics, and always fills quickly.

Advanced Off Leash

This Clinic focuses on Advanced Off Leash skills and proofing your dog to remain near you when you walk.    We use horses, sheep, ATV’s, cars, and lots of weird noise and food distractions to teach that no matter what happens around us – your dog’s main attention should remain on you and where you’re going.

Assessing Body Language / Understanding Pack Mentality

Is my dog being friendly or pushy? Are they shy or insecure? Are they dominant or aggressive? This clinic will help you read body language between multiple dogs. This is a hands-on demonstration with multiple dogs, and we'll spend our time in the play yard at the Training Center (fenced) to show when to intercede and when to let "dogs be dogs". Learn how to reduce shy, nervous, skittish, insecure, dominant or pushy traits, and when it’s appropriate to step in.

Coolest Tricks Ever!

We’ve got all the coolest tricks covered in this Clinic.    Some tricks are pre-set, and may include hand stands, blowing bubbles in a bowl, spinning left and right, backing up, sit pretty and many more.   Part of the Clinic will be interactive and you’ll be offered a chance to ask for specific trick guidance on tricks you want to learn.

DiscDogathon Frisbee

Skyhoundz DiscDogathons consist of five competitive events: Bullseye, Freestyle, Spot Landing, Pairs Distance/Accuracy, and TimeTrial. The top scoring team from each DiscDogathon Qualifier, in each of the 5 competitive events, earns an invitation to compete at the DiscDogathon World Championship. In this clinic, we will focus on the rules of these games and learn how to effectively compete by improving overall performance, creating a team strategy, and receiving basic throwing tips.  This is a great clinic open to all levels of people and dogs and we love having new people try this sport. Please note that the only prerequisite is that your dog must love the Frisbee!   

Beginner Frisbee

Come learn how safe and fun the sport of Frisbee (flying disc) can be. The first two hours will focus on improving your throwing, and the last hour will include some freestyle tips. You must bring a crate or be prepared to leave your dog in your car during the throwing sections of the clinic. If your dog does not do well off-leash, please bring a long line.

Please keep in mind that all services at the Ranch are by appointment only, so please call 678-493-8040 or email to book your appointment.