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In Home Training

In-Home Training

In-Home training can be an invaluable aid in training your dog – especially when dealing with unruly behaviors.   When we come to your home, we provide hands-on demonstration for your whole family so that everyone understands 1) what is causing the problem, and 2) how to resolve it without using harsh or heavy-handed methods.    Our training style doesn’t require that you do 20 or 30 minute obedience sessions with your dog every day, but rather focuses on how you create a balanced relationship every time you interact with your dog. By creating consistency and balance in your relationship, you’ll be surprised at how harmonious your household is in no time.

Lessons typically last between 60 and 90 minutes, and the charge varies based on your distance from The Ranch.  Our trainer comes to your home and works with all members of the family (at your discretion), and shows how to change the behaviors with hands-on instruction.   99% of our clients say they see a dramatic change in their dogs’ behavior within the first 30 minutes.   If an instructor’s dogs are required for the training process, there is an additional charge.  

Some of the training we can help with:

  • door manners such as bolting or continuous scratching
  • jumping, nipping, play biting, mouthing
  • counter surfing of food or non-food items
  • uncontrolled walking habits, pulling and lunging
  • come when called
  • sit-stay, down-stay, and other obedience commands
  • marking the home, pottying in the home (for dogs older than 1 year)
  • submissive urination
  • crate anxiety
  • separation anxiety

If your dog displays any of these behaviors, please contact us immediately. All of these conditions can be changed with training, and most owners see results immediately.    

Our Philosophy

Is our training method Positive? Yes and No. We believe in positive reinforcement training for certain types of behavior, but we also believe in saying no to others. The key to providing outstanding dog training, is to know when to use each of these types of training, and to properly illustrate that to our clients, so they achieve the same results we do.

Please keep in mind that all services at the Ranch are by appointment only, so please call 678-493-8040 or email to book your appointment.

In Home Training Pricing

In-home lessons (we travel throughout the metro Atlanta area & surrounding areas)

$175 pricing starts at $175 (for up to 90 minutes) and is based on distance from The for a quote today!