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Dog Training Private Lessons


Private lessons allow individuals to focus only on the goals their dog needs, and by-pass the curriculum that they have already achieved.   We tailor each lesson so that your dog learns quickly, and you understand correct timing, delivery, rewarding, and correcting all of your obedience commands such as sit, down, stay and come.

Obedience lessons at The Ranch can be scheduled in 30 minute increments, which may work better for your schedule than attending a four week class.  


If your dog suffers from any of the following conditions, please contact us immediately. All of these conditions can be changed with training, and most owners see results immediately.

  • car chasing
  • manners such as door bolting, jumping, nipping, play biting, or counter surfing of food items
  • uncontrolled walking habits, pulling and lunging
  • submissive urination or marking in the house
  • crate anxiety
  • separation anxiety

Please note that most behavioral lessons must be done in-home, so that we can re-create each skill in the dog’s natural environment.   

Private or Semi-Private Lessons

Private or Semi-private lessons can be scheduled for weekday, weekend, or evening appointments.    Sharing of lessons allows students of similar skill levels to share one hour of training, at a reduced cost to each.   

Please keep in mind that all services at the Ranch are by appointment only, so please call 678-493-8040 or email to book your appointment

Behavioral Training Pricing

In-home lessons (we travel throughout the metro Atlanta area & surrounding areas) - pricing starts at $175, and is based on distance Trainers travel...

Obedience Pricing

Group Class - starting as low as $100 per session

Private Lessons - starting as low as $50 per lesson

Board n Train Pricing

Please call to allow us to quote a price for your personalized board n train package...