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Puppy Socials

Puppy Socials

Most puppies need lots of socialization, as well as contact with different things like sounds, surfaces, strangers, men, men with hats, and most importantly - other dogs!    Although most dogs will become friendly within their 'family', if let unchecked, they can learn to be unsocial, and so we are now offering a drop in meeting time where young pups can come into our most amazing play area each week, and meet other pups.    

If you haven't been on our Facebook page recently, here is our absolute FAVORITE video on Puppy Socialization that we've's worth watching in it's entiretly for sure!!  

So come on out to our Puppy Socials as time permits.  Each week our Trainer will guide you through how to meet and greet other pups, and make sure all the pups have a good time.    Vaccinations are required (you are welcome to bring with), and your pup must be up to date on the following:   DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies (if over 4 months of age).  ONLY PUPS UNDER 40 POUNDS PLEASE...

Price is $20 per pup, no RSVP needed.   Call 678-493-8040 with any questions...


$20 per puppy - no RSVP needed

$30 per puppy while Boarding (one staff member to accompany each pup to the Social since it's outside the Training Center)